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From adversity comes strength and from strength comes greatness: 

Lets celebrate autism and show the world just how incredible you are.



Fund raising and donations are vital in helping Autism Unseen achieve their mission objectives. Without your generosity we would be unable to implement our campaigns and autistic youngsters would continue to suffer in silence and go unheard.

Your contribution will help support a variety of activities, including Autism Unseen visiting schools and colleges to deliver lectures and seminars, and producing display stands, flyers and promotional material. Fashion shows & award ceremonies, will be used to bring together special needs and mainstream pupils, which will help defeat the issues of social exclusion, whilst promoting the difficulties experienced on a daily basis by autistic and special needs students.


At Autism Unseen, we speak from experience, we are inspirational and we dare to be different.

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AUTISM UNSEEN is a National Charity with 3 principle mission statements:

To create more awareness with regard Social Exclusion for individuals suffering from autism. This current lack in the understanding of autism leads to a variety of problems, from inappropriate responses to poor services and provision. Developing a greater awareness of autism and its associated problems is vital in building a better future for people suffering from autism.

To create more jobs for individuals suffering from autism – Our research shows that many potential employers, particularly the smaller employers are nervous with regard employing young adults with autism. This is not because they do not want to employ them, but because they do not fully understand the needs and capabilities of these individuals. Autism Unseen will run a series of workshops to help inform potential employers that are many autistic young adults, more than capable of delivering a full days work, with minimal supervision, and that they can very quickly become an essential part of the workforce, guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone they come in contact with.

To create opportunities for autistic individuals to boost their confidence and to show the world that they also have dreams and ambitions – Our task is to take these autistic youngsters and help them build self confidence, to make them believe that they can achieve great things. Our trip to Kilimanjaro is the first of many events that we will be running. For an autistic individual to succeed in climbing Kilimanjaro, it will be the equivalent of winning a gold medal in the Olympics.


‘Autism Unseen’ will be targeting schools, colleges and universities, to provide the younger generation, with more details on autism and to show them how to deal and respond to people with these disorders. After all – today’s youngsters are tomorrows next adult generation. By targeting this younger generation, we will also get our message across to the parents, and therefore to an older generation, that may not be fully aware of what it is like for someone to suffer from any of these disorders. Similarly large and small companies will be targeted to put the message across that an autistic young adult can easily be integrated into the workforce, and become an essential part of the team. These youngsters are often remarkably focused and when given a task, you will be hard put to find anyone who can do it better.

Fund raising is vital in order to provide this awareness. We need money in order to deliver our mission statements to business, schools, universities and the general public. Unfortunately autistic disorders are in most cases unseen disabilities, yet they are just as real as any physical disability. ‘Autism Unseen’ will be running a series of events to raise money, to help us achieve our various objectives, which can be found in our mission statement. These include funding promotional material, videos, ‘Pop-up’ display stands and a series of lectures and seminars which will be booked into a variety of educational and commercial establishments.

Look out for our biggest challenge to-date, an epic adventure and a trip of a lifetime, taking a group of young adult autistic individuals to climb the highest free standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Please follow the link in the menu bar for more information.


Are not in full time paid employment

Adults with autism in the UK


Who are out of work, say that they want to work

Adults with autism in the UK


Who are on incapacity benefit, want to work

Adults with autism in the UK

  • Please Back Our New Campaign – ‘Will You Be My Friend’


A new educational campaign to highlight that young autistic people need to have friends. In many cases these friendships will not blossom because students do not know how to react or respond to someone with an autistic disorder. With money raised by this campaign, we can help raise awareness regarding the social problems of autism and allow students to realise that it can still be ‘cool’ to be a friend of someone who is autistic.

National statistics suggest that around 700,000 people in the UK suffer from autism and if you include families it touches the lives of 2.7 million people every day