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Fund raising and donations are vital in helping Autism Unseen achieve their mission objectives. Without your generosity we would be unable to implement our campaigns and autistic youngsters would continue to suffer in silence and go unheard.

Your contribution will help support a variety of activities, including Autism Unseen visiting schools and colleges to deliver lectures and seminars, and producing display stands, flyers and promotional material. Fashion shows, award ceremonies, and adventure challenges will be used to bring together special needs and mainstream pupils, which will help defeat the problems of social exclusion, whilst promoting the difficulties experienced on a daily basis by autistic and special needs students.



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Following on from the success of our Kilimanjaro Challenge, details of which can be found in the menu bar, Autism Unseen are now raising funds for another exciting new adventure, due to start in July 2020. The Autism Unseen Tall Ships Challenge will be taking 6 groups of autistic youngsters accompanied by team buddies to crew and race around the UK in a 70 foot Challenger racing yacht. This is one of our most ambitious challenges to date, and the first time that a challenge of this nature has ever been set. We are currently recruiting for any participants with ASD, aged between 16-25 who may wish to take part in this adventure of a life-time. UK ports that we will be stopping and changing crews at will include Portsmouth, Cardiff, Liverpool, Greenock, Hull and London. Please follow the link in the menu bar for more information on how to book a place, or to find out how to donate, or to be involved in this unique endeavour. Should you wish to donate to this challenge, please click the ‘JUSTGIVING’ button above.


A new educational campaign to highlight that young autistic people need to have friends. In many cases these friendships will not blossom because students do not know how to react or respond to someone with an autistic disorder. With money raised by this campaign, we can help raise awareness regarding the social problems of autism and allow students to realise that it can still be ‘cool’ to be a friend of someone who is autistic.

National statistics suggest that around 700,000 people in the UK suffer from autism and if you include families it touches the lives of 2.7 million people every day