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Would you like to participate in this epic adventure to help crew and sail a 70 foot Challenger Racing Yacht 1,675 miles around the UK. This challenge is due to start on the 18 July 2020, and registration is open for any individuals that are either on the Autistic Spectrum, or who have special educational needs, and who are aged between 16-25 at the time of departure. The event will be completed in a series of six legs, and you will spend between 4 and 8 nights onboard the yacht. Our crews will be changed in Portsmouth, Cardiff, Liverpool, Greenock, Hull and London, and we will be recruiting throughout the UK.

If you are up for the challenge, and what undoubtably will be the trip of a lifetime, please contact us for further information. A registration fee will apply, and you will be required to take part in additional fund raising activities. However do not be worried, Autism Unseen will always be on hand to encourage, motivate, and help you. 

We will also be recruiting ‘buddies’ who will sail and crew alongside each of our autistic and special needs participants. This is part of Autism Unseens ‘Will You Be My Friend’ campaign, where we are encouraging students aged 16-25 to mentor and help these autistic and special needs individuals.

Countdown To The Start Of Our Departure From Portsmouth










Autism Unseen and the Tall Ships Youth Trust are working together to make this trip possible.


Our challenges are set to help reduce the social exclusion and mental anguish that many autistic individuals suffer from on a day-to-day basis. By encouraging fundraising activities, we aim to help improve the self-confidence of these individuals. By the time our challenge participants have completed their voyage they will be much more self assured, confident and ready to meet head-on the daily challenges of being autistic.


Leg 1  – Depart Portsmouth (Saturday 18 July 2020)

The crew for Leg 1 will depart Portsmouth for a 6-night sail to Cardiff. Once in Cardiff the crew will have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Open Day’ before being driven back to Portsmouth.

Leg 2  – Depart Cardiff (Monday 27 July 2020)

The crew for Leg 2 will depart Cardiff for a 5-night sail to Liverpool. Once in Liverpool the crew will have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Open Day’ before being driven back to Cardiff.

Leg 3  – Depart Liverpool (Tuesday 4 Aug 2020)

The crew for Leg 3 will depart Liverpool for a 4-night sail to Greenock. Once in Greenock the crew will have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Open Day’ before being driven back to Liverpool.

Leg 4  – Depart Greenock (Wednesday 12 Aug 2020)

The crew for Leg 4 will depart Greenock for a 8-night sail to Hull. Once in Hull the crew will have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Open Day’ before being driven back to Greenock.

Leg 5  – Depart Hull (Monday 24 Aug 2020)

The crew for Leg 5 will depart Hull for a 5-night sail to London. Once in London the crew will have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Open Day’ before being driven back to Hull.

Leg 6  – Depart London (Tuesday 1 September 2020)

The crew for Leg 6 will depart London for a 4-night sail to Portsmouth. Once in Portsmouth the crew will have the opportunity to take part in an ‘Open Day’ before being driven back to London.



A professional crew of skipper and two watch-keepers

Accommodation and all meals, including hot & cold drinks whilst aboard the Challenger Yacht

Transfer from arrival destination back to departure destination

All wet weather gear

Tuition and sailing instruction



Travel to Departure Destination



Fundraising can be fun and enjoyable, and also a great confidence boost.  

Taking on this challenge means that you’ll meet new people and make new friends, while at the same time developing useful skills like event management and public speaking, that will help you out in any walk of life.

Autism Unseen have years of challenge fundraising experience. We know what works and we will be supporting you every step of the way. Throughout your fundraising you will be provided with the following:

A Trained Group Leader – Your Group Leader will organise socials and a number of group fundraising events so you can get to know your team mates.

Personalised Professional Fundraising Advice – Our fundraising staff will work with you personally to come up with your own fundraising plan, tailored to your strengths and interests.

Fundraising Pack – This is jammed full of tried and tested fundraising ideas that we know work.

Pre Departure Meeting – This presentation will give you all the information you need about your challenge before you board your Challenger racing yacht.

Online Support – You will be able to access our online support network any time through our dedicated Facebook groups and chat to Autism Unseen and all the other challenge volunteers around the country.

Direct Support from Autism Unseen – You will always have the dedicated Autism Unseen team ready to help you, who are just an email, text or call away.



Autism Unseen takes the safety of all our challenge participants very seriously and we will only work with trusted partners. You can therefore appreciate that an endeavour of this nature can be quite expensive to undertake. We not only have to consider the cost of the Challenger yacht hire, but also the three professional crew members who will be helping to safely navigate the yacht around the UK.

The total cost of this venture is £70,000 however Autism Unseen and the Tall Ships Youth Trust have been able to contribute £25,000 in bursaries, bringing this cost down to £45,000.

We have capacity for 60 participants, across all six-legs of the challenge, who will need to raise £750 each (for each leg of the challenge). Any participant can put their name down for a second or third leg, these will be allocated if space is available.

Each participant will be asked to pay a registration fee of £250 (per leg of the challenge), This registration fee can if required be split across 5 months at £50 per month, and some bursaries may be made available to students/parents who may be suffering from financial hardship. The balance of £500 will be made up from sponsorship and fund raising activities.

If more than £500 is raised through individual fund raising activities then the extra money raised will go towards funding the ‘Autism Unseen Will You Be My Friend Campaign’.

Whilst the figure of £500 may seem quite daunting, it should easily be achieved in the time available. During our Kilimanjaro challenge our fund raisers were making £300-£400 just on Tesco bag backing and bucket collection projects. Friends and family, raffles, company sponsorship and other simple fund raising events contributed an equal amount.

Whats more Autism Unseen will always be on hand to coordinate and help arrange your fund raising activities.



To take on this challenge of a lifetime simply drop us an email via the contact button.

Alternatively if you have any specific questions or want to simply talk through what’s involved, get in touch via email or by giving us a call.



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